Is Nano Dimension Ltd – ADR (NNDM) Stock a Bad Worth?

Nano Dimension Ltd – Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM) Stock has actually fallen -67.54% over the last year. InvestorsObserver’s proprietary ranking system, gives NNDM stock a score of 16 out of a possible 100. That ranking is primarily affected by a basic score of 0. NNDM’s rank additionally consists of a lasting technical rating of 18. The short-term technical rating for NNDM is 32.

What’s Occurring With NNDM Stock Today
Nano Dimension Ltd – ADR (NNDM) stock is lower by -1.4% while the S&P 500 has actually fallen -0.33% since 10:49 AM on Thursday, Jan 13. NNDM has dropped -$ 0.05 from the previous closing rate of $3.76 on quantity of 638,454 shares. Over the past year the S&P 500 has actually acquired 23.64% while NNDM has fallen -67.54%. NNDM lost -$ 0.58 per share in the over the last 12 months.

Nano Dimension: Significant Mispricing Based Upon Negative Ark View

Nano Dimension Ltd (NASDAQ: NNDM) is an Israeli-based company of devices for the manufacture of AME (Additively Produced Electronic Devices) and other AM (Additively Produced) items.

The stock presently trades for US$ 3.80, after a substantial selloff in 2021 which saw it dive 78% from a high of US$ 17.70 in February to the degrees that we see today.

NNDM graph

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The share price performance has actually also been very closely tied to the efficiency of the Ark Next Generation Internet ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKW) and also Ark Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (BATS: ARKQ), given the truth that Cathie Timber and the ARKQ Fund has 3.46% of the shares outstanding with an average price basis of US$ 8.06.

The considerable underperformance of the ARK funds in 2015 (down ~ 19%) and the linked unfavorable belief with that said decline may have added to the severe selloff in Nano Dimension stock.

Although the evaluations of the business were certainly frothy in the past, the present financials of the firm (even more particularly, the cash available, the beautiful annual report, and the current EV) all point to an instance of substantial mispricing that the markets appear to have neglected, which might compensate early capitalists in this narrative.

TAM & Service Version
As mentioned over, Nano Dimension is an Israeli based supplier of devices for the manufacture of AME and also various other AM (Additively Made) products.

What exactly is Additive Manufacturing? Additive manufacturing is the procedure of creating an item by building it one layer each time. It is the reverse of subtractive manufacturing, in which an item is created by removing at a strong block of material up until the final product is total. Generally, additive production describes 3D printing.

For a basic layperson’s explanation, to produce a things utilizing additive production, someone must initially create a layout. The style is then sent out to the 3-D printer, which begins creating the things promptly. There are several sorts of additive manufacturing makers satisfied create different products. Nano Dimension’s Dragonfly printer prints circuit card and also digital tools. On the other hand, its Fabrica printer prints micro things.

Nano dimension additive production systems

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Presently, a big percent of Nano Dimension’s sales comes from its equipment printers. Nonetheless, like all printers, when a client has gotten a printer, he will certainly need to continuously buy the printer’s “ink”. NNDM also has another method of persisting income coming from its service contracts.

Razor razor-blade version

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Expert Purchasing
On 14 December 2021, Yova Stern, Chairman and also chief executive officer, got $500,000 worth of shares from the open market. Originating from a stock that has actually seen massive dilution of shareholders in the past, this may be the signal of an opportunistic entrance point for those that have yet to pick up shares. Furthermore, in a recent press release, Yova introduced that:

” Recent events are encouraging. We have announced our new DragonFly IV system, integrated with a breakthrough trip software program, at the Productronica Show in November, 2021. Since that launch, we have currently offered 2 DragonFly IV printers to a prominent government defence distributor and also European government company, along with finishing 2 beta sites with other leading consumers.”

NNDM financials

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Pertaining to the firm’s top line, Nano Dimension’s earnings fell by 52% in FY20. In spite of the loss, experts anticipate solid future development of 150% in 2021 as well as 250% in 2022, with YoY positive price quotes up to FY25 at a CAGR of 123.2%.



Although the company’s EBITDA has actually likewise been negative for the past 5 years, analysts prepare for a turn-around with EBITDA forecasted to hit US$ 10M by FY23, representative of an EBTIDA margin of 20%.

Regardless of the instead stark revenue as well as EBITDA picture as of now, the thesis of this post is not an essential deep value play. Some do prepare for the TAM of this market to be enormous and that it may be, however I wish to highlight the inconsistency out there worth of the stock with the money accessible, which can only genuinely be appreciated when we look to the balance sheet.

The stock presently trades at a market cap of US$ 970M, yet has US$ 1.4 BN of cash money, cash money equivalents, as well as short-term investments (STI) on its balance sheet, of which US$ 1.1 BN stands for the most fluid form of cool hard cash. With a total financial debt of US$ 3.5 M as well as no long-term debt (LTD), the present financial obligation degrees are minute and do not stand for any basic hazard to the firm’s operations.

When we look to a more temporary metric, the Current Proportion (CR) & Quick Ratio (QR) of the stock both profession at 95X, considered that inventories represent a really small % of the properties. In spite of having adverse EBITDA, the comparative Net Financial debt to EBITDA proportion is 22.8 X, given the monstrous Web Debt of -US$ 1.38 BN having already factored debt into account.

Nano Dimension currently additionally trades at a LTM P/BV of 0.66 X, which basically contrasts the market capitalization of the company to its web possessions. Beginning a setting today belongs to purchasing the business for 0.66 on the buck which provides a remarkable undervaluation, not on revenues yet rather on internet assets.

Offered the above, combined with the fact that the stock saw a hefty selloff, Nano Dimension currently trades at a market cap of US$ 970M however a joke of an EV of -US$ 400M, which emphasizes simply how ridiculous the present appraisal is. Though not likely, but for the sake of viewpoint, if administration felt like rewarding shareholders, they could basically purchase the entire business multiple times over. If they decide to do a share repurchase program (SRP) instead, they could get 50% of the float and still have 1/3 of their cash balance left over.

Although Nano Dimension did raise the substantial money accessible through share issuance at US$ 15/share, which created enormous dilution to existing shareholders, today’s evaluations are too far gone.

Additionally, with a short passion of 8.4%, any kind of positive catalyst, be it related to the basics in the company or a turn-around in the efficiency of ARK’s funds, could send out the stock rate dramatically higher.

That being said, no financial investment, despite the thesis, is immune to market as well as idiosyncratic risk. One danger would certainly be the fact that monitoring remains to dilute financiers and increases more money through even more share issuances, although the possibility of that seems doubtful. The annual report is filled with money to deploy if any procurement appears favourable. However, if Nano Dimension finds nothing else firm to purchase, which was the initial reason offered to investors for the equity issuance, as well as remains to melt cash money to fund their current procedures with no purposeful income change, the EV will begin to reverse and so will the mispricing chance.

Additionally, this thesis greatly banks on the hopes of administration announcing a SRP to the advantage of investors, which might be the positive driver needed to reverse the current sag. Nonetheless, wanting to history, it is evident that management intends to adamantly stay with their pitch of conserving the cash for acquisitive possibilities, and not to compensate shareholders considered that they have yet to do so despite the considerable selloff.

Nano Dimension runs in the 3D printing market, as well as its offerings and also item portfolio are not out-of-date in the slightest. There is no factor for the firm to be patronizing a smaller market cap than its cash money pile. At the minimum, its market cap need to be in the series of its money heap, as well as if this were to happen, it would be trading at US$ 5.50/ share, rep of a 40% upside from its present share cost.

NNDM graph

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If we were to make use of the P/S ratio, it also indicates significant undervaluation. Experts expect Nano Dimension to have an income of US$ 63M by FY25. For the past 5 years, NNDM has actually traded at a mean several of 183X. If we were to use a more conservative multiple of 30X, the stock would have a market cap of US$ 1.9 BN, rep of an upside of 93% from today’s share cost.

Capitalist Takeaway
As a result of constant dilution, Nano Dimension has actually been brutal in its therapy of investors the past number of years. Additionally, the company’s company model, which count on marketing hardware, gives irregular profits.

Furthermore, it operates in the field of 3D printing, as well as a situation can be made for its item offerings to be adopted by numerous universities. If the company is also able to place their capital to excellent use, and also acquire valuable firms that can add meaningful worth, it may command a much greater evaluation in the future based upon earnings.

Taking all the above-mentioned right into account, as well as not forgetting the major narrative of this write-up, the current appraisals for the business make little sense from all angles. The marketplace appears to have actually neglected Nano Dimension as a result of its close relation with the Ark Finances, yet the fact that it has actually been sold off a lot, such that financiers have the ability to purchase a buck of the firm for less than a buck, speaks volumes.